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February 06, 2018
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Welcome to Panama

We hope you enjoy your stay and help us set the tone for future activities.

Panama is an example of a country whose geography and history set them for a global mission. Even before humans walked over the Earth, the Isthmus of Panama was the scenario for a great biological species exchange between North and South America and its rise permitted the formation of the Gulf Stream. Before the arrival of Europeans, Panama was the contact point between the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean and the Amazonian basin. During the Spanish-colonial era, Panama was the transit point for the Gold and Silver coming from the Andes and going to Spain. Later, it was a transit point for the Trans Isthmian railroad, moving cargo and passengers from the east-coast of the USA to the west-coast during the gold rush.

The inauguration of the Panama Canal accelerated the role of the new Republic of Panama as a commercial transit point, facilitating the movement of persons and merchandise around the globe. To use the full potential of the Panama Canal, Panama has created a service industry around it. But this service industry is now under strong pressure from the OECD, and laws such as FATCA to change its ways to the point where it may be hard to recognize it in the near future.

While Panama recognizes the need to fight terrorism, money laundering and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, it is also true that a model based on economic freedom, low taxes, commercial openness, has served Panama and the World well. As a testament to this, Panama has the largest container port system in the Caribbean and Pacific coasts in Latin America, it is an important telecommunications hub with important fiber optic cables crossing and connecting through it, and has one of the most important and fastest growing regional air transportation hubs. Recognizing its role, Panama needs to create legal and governmental institutions that will unleash this potential for the benefit of the world.

Underlying the initiative of this Conference, is the idea that economic freedom, the right to privacy and fiscal competition are as significant as transparency, due process and the fight against corruption for the material and cultural development of open societies. In essence, that while security is needed, it cannot be done at the expense of freedom. Imperfect as Panama may be and despite its weaknesses, we believe that freedom and tax competition not only serve small countries, but also benefit societies in large countries by creating incentives to change in the direction of openness and thus, the right to compete must be defended. What alternatives exist that can provide security, while respecting economic freedom?

Your expertise is welcome here. We hope to receive your insights and knowledge of the subject and that the exchange of ideas will create new pathways for the development to open societies.

Who we are

Widening the Pathways to Open Societies Forum is an initiative of Goethals Consulting and Its Institute, Instituto de Estudios para una Sociedad Abierta (ISA Panamá), whose purpose and mission is to make of Panama an example of a free society to the world, defending the principles and qualities of responsible individuals, private property and the rule of law.

What we do

The purpose of this Forum is to enable a dialogue and public discussion about how to tackle pressing issues such as Money Laundering, Drug Trafficking, Terrorism, without sacrificing civil liberties such as the freedom of the press, freedom of speech, private property rights, the right of a fair trial and due process as well as the rights of individuals to find their vocation through voluntary transactions in the market.

Along with all these very important issues, the goal of this conference is to discuss the advantages and benefits (if any) of low tax regimes and fiscal competition, which international entities are putting pressures towards limiting or even eliminating. Also, what are the new technologies like Blockchain changing and how are those ones challenging the Financial industries, governments and regulations from over the world.

The Forum will also include days of leisure and exploration of Panama’s beautiful offerings, by allowing speakers to explore Panama’s “terrenal” paradise and also to enable cultural immersion.

Why us?

Our mission positions Goethals Consulting Corp. as leaders of change. Our values include as its values a profound respect for the individual, a dedication to quality at a low price and reliability, a commitment to community responsibility and a vision that the company exists to make technical contributions for the advancement and wellbeing of humanity.

GCC is committed to deliver a high quality Forum in which our ideology goes along with our key speakers.

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