John Bennett Novey

President at Goethals Consulting

John Bennett Novey

President at Goethals Consulting


Professional pilot with experience in cargo airline, bush flying, fixed base operations, in his family flight business; where he also served as flight instructor, ground and air.

Then worked in Panama Civil Aeronautics as Director of Flight Safety, founder of the School of Aeronautics where he served as Director for 5 years, as well as theory instructor for aerodynamics and meteorology (a project of the UNDP and the Panamanian Government). Then as deputy Director General of Civil Aeronautics and ultimately as Director General on 2 occasions. Founder of the Tocumen Fire Service and Search and Rescue. Also studied accident investigation at the NTSB school and served as aviation accident investigator for many year.

Was board of director Secretary for George F. Novey, Inc. until 2007 when the hardware chain was sold. There he also managed one of the stores of the chain. Also served as President for Miami Window Corp. a window manufacturing plant.

Was elected to 2 terms as President of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives; where he also served as in a multitude of commissions, such as transport, traffic enforcement and free enterprise.

In 1990 was awarded de medal of achievement by the Federal Aviation Administration for his services to international aviation.

Founding partner of Goethals Consulting Corp. and honorary president of the Institute of Studies for Open Societies.

Columnist for the 2 main newspapers in Panama and economic columnist for the International Agency of Economic Press (AIPE). Also wrote for various other magazines. Speaker at various Panamanian universities and civic organizations, and author of the book Education ¿gubernamental o particular? As well as a pending historic book “El Verdugo de Panamá”

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06 Feb 2018
08:00 - 08:15
Panama Grand Salon